In the age of social media, smart phones are fast becoming the number one roadblock to productivity.

We all love a good scroll through Facebook but diving into a 30-minute wormhole of puppy videos isn’t exactly helping you get through your to-do list…

In this social media world, a click of a button let’s us share every aspect of our life. We share our meals, our workouts and our opinions on everything and anything from politics to restaurants.

And we’re not just sharing our own lives. We’re also consuming the same information from the people around us. What they’re doing, who they’re seeing, what they’re wearing. It’s over-sharing gone mad!

So while social media can bring us closer together, it can also breed an unhealthy appetite for comparison.

Behind the safety of our smart phones we watch the people around us travel through life. Our newsfeeds bombard us with other people’s journeys and we avidly follow along as they tick off their life goals. New job. New home. New baby. Tick, tick, tick.

Thoughts start bubbling away in the back of our head… Should I be doing that too? Damn, she got there way faster than me. Will I ever be good enough?

Getting serious about building a life you love means focusing on doing just that – building a life. Not spending hours scrolling through Insta photos comparing yourself to other people.

Social media overload does two key things. First, it wastes our precious time. And second, it can leave us feeling inadequate because of all the awesome things people around us seem to be doing.

The big secret in life is that there is no “big secret”. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work. – Oprah

Time for a big old reality check – social media is curated! It’s a carefully selected group of images  pulled together to showcase our best life. We’re only posting the best version of ourselves. It’s all filters and good lighting.

What you see isn’t what you get. For the large majority of people, we avoid posting about the tough times and failures, or the things we’re embarrassed about.

So while someone may LOOK like they’re killing it and they’re success came easily, it’s almost guaranteed that their success took LOTS of hard work and countless setbacks.

Reaching your goals takes daily action, and comparing your success to someone else’s carefully curated Instagram feed won’t get you there any faster.

People who get to their destination earlier aren’t any better than us. They just have a different road map.

And another thing – who said we were all travelling to the same destination anyway?

Keeping in touch with friends online is important – but wasting time thinking about how much prettier/successful/well travelled everyone else is means we forget whose journey is most important…our own.

Instead of obsessing over what other people are doing and distracting ourselves from our own journey, we need to be giving ourselves the best opportunity to achieve our goals.

We need to invest our time, and most importantly our thoughts, into the things that matter. We need to stay in our lane instead of peering into everyone else’s.

xo Madeleine