A great morning routine is a great idea.

We’re awake on time and organised for the day ahead. Our headspace is positive, our shit is together and we’re ready to take on the world!

But understanding something and consistently doing something, are two very different things.

Despite our best intentions, for many of us our main focus in the morning is making it out of bed with enough time to shower before dashing out the front door #breakfastisfortheweak

But cultivating a more wellness-focused morning routine can be a little intimidating. We’re told they should be mood-lifting, soul charging and life transforming. No pressure, right?

So where to start? Cultivating a beautiful morning routine is all about starting with one new thing at a time. Once you’re used to the first new habit, you can slowly add a few more.

Keep it simple. Pick one practice and start there. Some of the most simple things bring the most benefit.

Need a little inspiration? You can:

  1. Wake up with a peaceful alarm tone

Our alarm is normally the first thing we hear in the morning so let’s make sure it’s keeping us calm instead of stressing us out. We want to set the right mood for the day ahead. There are plenty of phone apps that have relaxing alarm tones and Apple iPhones even have a handy “Bedtime” app with plenty of soothing options.

  1. Do a 10 minute meditation

Meditation helps us focus and empowers us to begin our day calm and centered. It can also help productivity and our ability to combat stressful situations.

10 minutes of meditation is all you need to get centered for the day. Guided meditations are great for those just starting out and apps like Calm and Infinite Abundance are a great place to start.

  1. Eat a proper breakfast

Our daily hustle is hard work and you’ll get the most out of your day if you fuel your body with the right food. Take the time to prepare a proper breakfast and you’ll reap the benefits of improved productivity and increased energy levels.

Easy options include scrambled eggs, green smoothies and things prepared the night before like bircher muesli and chia puddings.

Living mindfully doesn’t need to be overwhelming and introducing some of these simple steps will have you on your way to a more peaceful morning in no time.

We’ll be revisiting this topic soon make sure you share your favourite morning wellness tips with me so I can include it in the next post!

xo Madeleine