While working towards a life goal, it’s helpful to ask yourself the following question: does my lifestyle match my life vision?

Answering this question with a “yes” means that we’re well on our way to living our best life, while answering with a “no” may be a sign that we’re veering off track…

Hearing the question for the first time can be a little daunting. You might ask yourself, “What even is a life vision? And how do I get my lifestyle to match it?”

To tap into what this question means and how it can help you improve your focus, we need to break it down into bite size pieces.

Nothing will work, unless you do.

Maya Angelou

So let’s start at the beginning with what the terms “lifestyle” and “life vision” really mean.

To put it simply, our lifestyle is how we live our lives. It’s what we do each day – our habits and routines, our friends and family and the things we invest time in.

Whereas our life vision is what we see for our future. It’s the people we want to be and the things we’d like to achieve.

So let’s revisit the original question: does my lifestyle match my life vision?

Keeping the above definitions in mind, we start to get clearer on how to answer it.

Our lifestyle, or the things that we do each day, should be helping us get closer to achieving our life vision, or the person we want to be.

Basically, we need to be consistently doing things that will help us achieve our goals.

It sounds simple enough… but are we actually doing it?

Working towards a goal is easy on days when we’re motivated and ready to put in the work. But what about the days when we’re tired or stressed or busy beyond belief?

Sometimes “life” can get in the way of cultivating our dreams. And sometimes we make excuses for our own inaction. “I might just watch Netflix tonight because I’m so worn out from work today but definitely on Monday I’ll be hitting the gym”.

We often use little excuses like this to avoid getting consistent in working towards our goal. What we fail to realise is how often these excuses creep in, and how often consistent action creeps out.

By asking ourselves this lifestyle/life vision question, we’re forced to get honest about how hard and how consistently we’re working towards our goals. It helps get accountable for the action we take (or don’t take) every day and we can use this question to get ourselves back on track.

Let’s say our life vision was to be fit and healthy. By asking ourselves the question, “Does my lifestyle match my life vision?” we’re making sure we’re doing something every day to get us closer to our goal.

One day we might take big action and exercise at the gym or go on a long walk. The day after that we could take smaller action, and do a ten-minute meditation or research healthy cooking tips.

One action is big. One action is small. But both days got us closer to smashing that goal.

xo Madeleine