Pip Summerville from The Tonik chats about the importance of finding passionate work, how to translate lessons from sports training into your professional career and what its like to work alongside a family member.

And as the Founder of the company that created the first ever apple cider vinegar (ACV) capsule, obviously we had to get the down low on all things ACV too!

Pip we love a good career plot twist and moving from rowing into health supplements is definitely a career pivot! What inspired you to start The Tonik?

I started the Tonik for a pretty simple reason. After going through my own health journey, I was super passionate about the healing benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. 

I used to take it in liquid form all the time and after having it leak through my luggage once I decided to switch to capsules instead. But apple cider vinegar capsules didn’t exist! 

That was a problem I wanted to solve and so The Tonik was born.

Pip Summervile from The Tonik

What advice do you have for young women considering starting a business or side hustle?

Growing up I was quite okay with the thought of working for someone else.  I was never that person who woke up one morning and thought “I must run my own business”.

But! I ended up launching my own business because I had passion and was on a mission to solve a problem. And I think that’s the part that a lot of women miss.

They begin their journey wanting to launch a brand or business without being clear on what they’re passionate about, or just as importantly, without being clear on how they want to help others. Having a genuine drive behind what you do is vital, whether you have a service-based or product-based business.

In my book authenticity is key. It is so easy to see when a business isn’t authentic about what they do or why they exist.

My advice is: find something you’re passionate about and something that solves a problem, and turn it into a business. That way, your business will never be considered ‘work’. It will be something you truly want to wake up everyday for.


You spent time rowing at an elite level before launching The Tonik. That is a fantastic achievement, and while most of our readers won’t have reached that same elite level, many will have played some type of sport over the years.

Did any of the lessons you learned during your rowing training translate into business?

Absolutely. Rowing was a very time intensive sport. When I was at an elite level I had three training sessions a day.

I was also studying full time at university then so my life was a balancing act of training, study and trying to maintain a social life too. 

My rowing career drilled into me the importance of time management and prioritising. I use those skills every single day in business. 

Rowing also encouraged me to build up a tremendous amount of self-discipline. I draw on those skills all the time now to help meet deadlines and get work done. 

Being an athlete also taught me the importance of honesty and integrity and I use those skills every day in the work place.

Pip Summerville pouring a glass of apple cider vinegar, the key ingredient in her apple cider vineger capsules
Pip Summerville from The Tonik

Your father Glenn Summerville is a Pharmacist and the Co-Founder of The Tonik. You guys must work closely together. What has it been like working with a family member?

Honestly my working with Glenn has been paramount to the success of Tonik. I have such a cool relationship with my dad and it is all about trust and communication. 

I have never once questioned what he is doing or how he is doing it and it is his dedication and commitment to his career that I aspire to. 

Growing up as kids I always admired how he balanced his work and giving us the lifestyle we were so lucky to have. I never fully appreciated it until now as I strive to do the same thing. 

He has been my inspiration and I am still learning every single day from him, which is priceless, and something I am truly grateful for.


The 411 on Tonik’s Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules:

  • ACV is a fermented cider that has a high content of acetic acid (the active ingredient in vinegar) and also contains a ‘mother’, which is a mix of healthy bacteria, proteins and enzymes
  • ACV has long been used in Eastern medicine and has recently gained popularity in the West
  • It aids in digestion and gut health
  • It regulates blood sugar and insulin
  • And, it has antibacterial properties!
  • ACV is regularly taken in liquid form and has a strong taste and smell
  • Tonik’s ACV Capsules are a quick and easy way to take and transport ACV without the acidy taste or affect on your teeth!
  • Tonik’s ACV capsules are soft gel capsules that use a delayed release technology to bypass the stomach and absorb into in your small intestine for a better nutrient absorption

You can check out The Tonik website at thetonik.com.au or hit up their Instagram for plenty of inspo on all things wellness and ACV!

Don’t forget that The Tonik also stock a broader range of supplements based on other healing ingredients like hemp oil and tumeric.

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