About Us

The Grapevine Club is an online resource and professional network dedicated to young working women.

We foster a supportive community of women in the early-to-mid stages of their careers, focused on kicking their professional goals.

We interview career experts and working women from all industries to provide career-related reads while our socials and events give our community the opportunity to connect and share their career experience.

So here’s to our teachers, lawyers, nurses, graphic designers, PR professionals, tradeswomen, event managers, engineers, accountants and all the other amazing working women who make our world go round.

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She was never quite ready.
But she was brave.

And the universe listens to brave.

Dr Rebecca Ray

Our Creator

Hi there! I’m Madeleine, communications consultant and proud creator of The Grapevine Club.

When I first started my career not too long ago, I couldn’t find a networking group that spoke to me as a young person in the workplace – especially as a young woman trying to build a career in a pretty male dominated work environment!

A big part of my development so far has been about connecting with the hardworking people around me to seek their advice and share our experiences. It’s helped me to grow and slowly build the career I’ve always dreamed of.

I started The Grapevine Club as a way to take those connections to a larger scale and create a community where we can share our wins, share our losses and most importantly share our lessons! My focus is to bring women of all industries together to seek out stories that inspire and inform us as we navigate our career journeys.

So thank you for coming along for the ride and remember – whether you’re just finding your feet or well on your way to establishing a killer career, anything is possible and we are right there with you!

xo Madeleine