A great technical skillset will get you through the door but these four career skills require zero talent and will set you apart from the rest.

Managing Director of Straight Up PR Hannah O’Donnell said these four skills will impress your new boss and prove you’re right for the role.

“When I’m hiring someone new, the right experience isn’t all that I’m looking for,” Hannah said.

“I also want to know that they’ll fit in well with my business and team.”

So let’s get into it! Here are Hannah’s four skills that require zero talent to impress your new boss…

Hannahh O’Donnell with her Straight Up PR Team via Insta @straightup_pr

Four career skills that require zero talent

1. Personality

Hannah believes personality is integral.

“I like to ask about their life outside of work and get a real feel for the person they are.”

Get comfortable talking about your interests outside of work and don’t be afraid to weave them into conversation.

2. Interest

According to Hannah, interest in your new workplace is important.

“Asking genuine questions and showing an interest in me and the business is key. When I go away from an interview and that person hasn’t asked a single question of me then that’s not positive.”

Use your interview as an opportunity to learn more about the business and your potential new boss. Employers want to know that you’re genuinely interested in working for their business, so don’t let it be a secret!

3. Background knowledge

In Hannah’s books, knowledge about the business is important in proving you’re serious about wanting to work there.

“I look for someone who has done their research about the business and role and weaves it tactfully into our conversation.”

Make sure you’re well versed on the new role and the business more broadly. A little background research is easy to do and goes a long way in proving you really want to work there.

4. Attitude

Nothing can beat a good attitude says Hannah.

“Bring a can-do approach. Be positive, upbeat and show that you have a can-do approach to life and work.”

Bring a green-framed, problem solving attitude to the interview and let it shine through in your answers. A good attitude will demonstrate you’re up for a challenge and willing to work hard.

Career advice for young professionals

So what other advice does Hannah have for young professionals looking to develop their careers?

“If I could give my younger self career advice I’d break it down into three key things,” Hannah said.

“One, become more aware of what is really worth your energy.”

“Two, surround yourself with people who have dreams, desire and ambition. They will help you push for and realise your own.”

“And three, love learning and be hungry for more. Ask questions and don’t accept the obvious. Challenge yourself and others. And ask why, why, why!”

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