I have a new book for your ‘to-read’ list. #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. It’s a New York Times best seller released back in 2014 that is very, very relevant to all of you hardworking ladies.

Fun-fact. It was recently adapted into a Netflix series of the same name (more on that series in a future post).

So, without further ado, let me break it down for you.

In a nutshell you need to read it for three main reasons.

Number one.

Sophia herself is the ultimate girlboss and is as relatable as all hell. This book gives an honest and endearing tale of her life to date. Including her not-so-shiny moments like dumpster-diving for food and shoplifting to pay her rent.

Number two.

Sophia’s journey from disillusioned teen to CEO of her multimillion dollar company, Nasty Gal, is jaw dropping-ly inspiring. I kid you not she started the original Nasty Gal Vintage eBay store at age 22 after reading a book called, “Starting an eBay business for dummies”.

Number three.

#GIRLBOSS is an entertaining and easy read. It’s a book jam packed with valuable and hilarious content. It’s got cute illustrations, inspiring quotes and mini features with her girlboss mates (like fashion designer Norma Kamali and blogger Alexi Wasser from

A little bit more on #GIRLBOSS…

Back in 2014 when I first read #GIRLBOSS, Nasty Gal was one of the world’s top online retailers and Sophia was flying high.

But in 2015 she stepped down from her role as CEO amidst restructuring troubles and an increasingly competitive e-commerce market. Nasty Gal began to crumble and was acquired by Boohoo last year.

It was a public and messy demise which left Sophia high and dry. If you’re interested in learning more, hear it straight from Sophia herself here in her interview with Collective Hub last year.

In true #GIRLBOSS style, following this very public failure Sophia chose to dust herself off and start over, all while sharing her journey openly and honestly.

Now at the helm of her new company, Girlboss Media, Sophia is again flying high. But instead of fashion, this time Sophia is taking on the media world with a platform dedicated to redefining success for women.

I have so much respect for Sophia for two main reasons. Firstly for sharing her entrepreneurial journey in #GIRLBOSS when she was at the top of her game. Such an open and honest recount of success is unfortunately a rarity. Especially one that covers all the mistakes made along the way.

But secondly, and probably most importantly, I respect her for continuing to share her journey after she crumbled. Doing that after being on top for more than ten years takes guts.

I for one am happy as heck that’s she back with a vengeance. Sophia is living proof that failing will not kill you. And that rebuilding is always possible. Get your hands on a copy of #Girlboss here.

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Until next time,
Madeleine xo